Who to Contact

For clinical concerns, please reach out to your physician or physician office directly. If you are experiencing an emergency, please go to the emergency room and/or contact 911.

For issues with your prescription, please contact our partnering pharmacy Amex. To call by phone use (800) 644-9431. To text use (321) 872-0723.

For issues with your account, please email Veda Grace at

Rx Skincare

You serum-moisturizer should be applied after any cleansing and toning and before you apply any other products. For added moisturization, you may apply additional moisturizer over your serum-moisturizer.

Apply 2-3 pumps on to fingertips. Lightly tap the product around your face and under-jaw. Once distributed, use your fingers to rub the serum-moisturizer into your skin. Avoid using your full hand so you don’t waste product on your hands.

If your physician provided you with different instructions, please ignore these general instructions and follow the instruction they provided specifically for you.

Yes. The maximum capacity of your bottle (1oz or 30ml) is listed on your bottle and is allowable by the TSA.

After your formulation is prescribed, it is sent to a licensed doctor of pharmacy who reviews the ingredients and confirms that there are not any cross-allergies or interactions. Your serum-moisturizer is then made to order in a US FDA 503(b) certified pharmacy. Your active ingredients are mixed with your moisturizer. We do not need to add any preservatives because you are going to use it within a few weeks. Just like fresh produce, your product expires and we will tell you this date. When complete, your formula will go into a luxurious, medical-grade bottle with an antioxidant preserving chamber before being shipped to your door. The result is completely personalized skincare that delivers real, visible results.

It is very rare for our pharmacy or doctor to change your ingredients. Please note that the pharmacy label on your bottle will only list only prescription ingredients. Non-prescription ingredients are not listed. If the pharmacy identifies a cross-allergy you may have they may substitute or omit ingredients. Please message the clinic from your account if you have any questions.

It is normal for handmade products to have air bubbles that cause your bottle to temporarily stop pumping out product. Since each product is made individually, we don’t use machines to mass fill bottles. The trade off with hand-filled bottles are these air bubbles. Rest assured that your bottle also contains the same amount of product.

This is annoying but normal with individually-made prescription products. As some ingredients incorporate with the moisturizer they will release their original carrier, which is usually water and minerals. If you are seeing a thin liquid, pump your bottle until you begin to see a more normal appearing output. Rest assured that your prescription is still effective.

Account & Membership

You change your address in your accounts menu.

We’re sorry to see you go. If there is anything we can do, please email us at Otherwise, the process is simple. Navigate to the “Account” menu and look for the “Subscription” section. Select the option to “Cancel.” Since this is a medical service and we are required by law to keep your record, your account will remain open and accessible, but your subscription will be inactive and you will not be charged.

Sorry, you cannot. Your account is considered a medical record and you will have access to it for a designated number of years that are required by law. Rest assured, your record is only viewed for clinical use or if you have explicitly approved use of your images for education and marketing.

Due to legal restrictions, we can only mail your prescription to you.

We apologize. When your formulation ships, you will receive a tracking email from our pharmacy. If your formulation has not arrived within 2 weeks or your monthly membership renewal, please email us at and we will fix it.

You may pause your subscription at any time. If you pause for longer than 3 months, you may be required to go through the follow-up consultation process again so we can be assured that your needs have not changed. To pause your membership. Navigate to the “Account” menu and look for the “Subscription” section. Select the option to “Cancel.” You will be able to reactivate your membership at any time.

Your payment information can be updated in your accounts menu under the “Payment” and “Billing Address” sections. Your credit card will be updated on your next scheduled payment.

We apologize. Please send us an email at and we will fix it.

We cannot accept returns or exchanges for serum-moisturizers, but we can correct any issue. By law, your personalized prescription is only for you and cannot be returned or re-used by anyone else. Please message our clinic if you would like to have your formulation changed or if there was an error. We’ll be happy to correct it. 

You are able to log into your Veda Grace account after your subscription is cancelled so you can access your medical records. By law, we save these records for a finite number of years. You can confirm that your subscription is cancelled in the “Account” menu under the “Subscription” section. If it lists you as “Inactive” it is cancelled and you are not being charged.

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